Will tablets survive the century?

Technology has been evolving, and so are tech gadgets. For instance, the emergence of laptops led to the loss of popularity of desktops because of their high level of portability and performance. Today, e-readers, smartphones and tables are all available. However, it is not known whether tablets will survive the century.

Tablets are much lighter than the older laptops, making them ideal for travel. They are also much larger and have a longer battery life in comparison with smatphones. The device has been used for a number of functions including:


Although reading can be done from a laptop, smartphone or even an e-reader, using a tablet is more advantageous in many ways. First, tablets are lighter than laptops, and therefore one can read from any position. Secondly, they have larger screens than smartphones, making it even easier to read and especially from spreadsheets. Lastly, unlike e-readers, they offer full colour and therefore, making the reading experience great.

Entertainment during travel

Compared to smartphones and laptops that constantly need to be recharged, tablets can be used actively for between six and ten hours, making them an ideal way of keeping oneself entertained.

Drawing, note-taking and making presentations

Tablets come with a number of accessories that make it possible to draw comfortably and take notes during meetings. Furthermore, because of their beautiful design and light weight, they are more ideal for making presentations as one can hold them for longer.

The threat to the continued existence of tablets is real. The manufacturers of smartphones have been coming up with models that have larger screens and enhanced performance, making it difficult to distinguish between smartphones and tablets, except for the larger size. Also, manufacturers of PCs have continued to make smaller, slimmer and lighter laptops, rendering the tablets almost of no use. The fate of tablets therefore remains with manufacturers as it pertains to whether they will be innovative enough to convince consumers of their need amidst improved PC and smartphone size, weight and functionality.

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