The rise and popularity of mobile gambling apps

The casino industry is one that has experienced tremendous growth. This growth has largely been attributed to technological breakthroughs. From brick and mortar casinos to web based casinos utilizing desktops and laptops, mobile apps have gained much popularity. This is evidenced by the growth of the industry and especially of the mobile app gaming with an annual increase of about 55 percent as provided by App Annie.

This growth has been attributed to a number of factors including:

The legalization of real money gaming

The majority of web-based and online app casinos were previously for social gambling. However, following the legalization of the use of real moneys, the excitement of gambling and the possibility of winning jackpots has driven app downloads into a dramatic rise.

The growth of bitcoin trade

With the use of digital currencies, people are no longer worried about the safety of their credit cards as they can easily connect to their online accounts. This means that people can easily and securely deposit and withdraw monies from the casinos.

The growth of the gambling industry in major hubs

The growth realized in major gambling hubs for instance, the UK has also led to increased growth of the gambling app download and usage.

The increased accessibility of the smartphone

Smartphones have become more accessible throughout the world with prices being affordable to the majority of the population. Since these apps are built for smartphones, the growth of smartphones also means the growth of the mobile gambling apps.

Great functionality and gaming experience

The discovery that there very few limitations when a smartphone is used rather than a desktop or laptop has led to increased download and use of the gambling apps. This is because there are more people with smartphones than with desktops or laptops.

Specialised apps from casinos

Some casinos have their apps and this makes the gambling experience more personalized, convenient and easy, thus increasing their popularity.

Live Games going mobile

Casinos like are now offering live table games on desktop and on mobile.

Creative game developers hold this key trend in todays society within their mind when working on new games, purposely optimising them for use on the go through your mobile. In Sweden in particular, this breakthrough of mobile optimisation has been hugely successful and at GARBO we wholeheartedly believe this is the way of the future and so almost all our games are optimised for mobile play as well as desktop.

There are a number of advantages to be able to play on your mobile, most notably, do we ever leave home without it? I honestly feel like I have left a part of myself at home if I ever forget my phone and I am sure I am not alone in this thinking! So, there we have it, absolute convenience, working towards optimisation for smaller screens means that there has been special attention placed on navigation, ensuring the most simple and user friendly interfaces are available. They are now on par, if not preferred to the original desktop versions and are predicted to have a very bright future.

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