Tech gadgets for kids

The current generation is tech savvy and kids are not left out. As early as two years of age, kids can confidently play games on smartphones and tablets and struggle with their parents over the laptop as they seek to mimic typing and mouse control without having an understanding of what they are up to. This scenario leads to conflicts between adults and children as the children are unwilling to play with toys when everyone else is on a gadget. The situation is made even worse for parents who work from home.

To create a win-win situation, parents using computers often allow their children to play games on their smartphone. However, this has its own pitfalls. The phones are in many cases, dropped during tantrums, leading to broken screens. Sometimes in the process of navigating through the games, important phone numbers in the directory and important messages get deleted. Some parents have resorted to letting their kids play with their tablets. However, when it comes to dropping, this does not provide a lasting solution.

The knowledge of this problem has created a niche for manufacturers. A number of kids’ tablets have been created, including Fire Kids (Amazon), Leap Pad (LeapFrog) and Ellipsis Kids’ tablet (Ellipsis) among others. These tablets come with pre-installed child friendly games and movies that are educational in nature. They also come with cases that have rubber for shock absorption and magnetic cases to keep the tab always closed when not in use. However, before rushing to make any purchase, one should consider:

  • The objective of the purchase – educational, entertainment, communication or all
  • The right age bracket for the usage of the device and the pre-installed software
  • The existence of parental controls and the capability of the parent to navigate through the device and understand it
  • The extent of functionality in achieving the objectives set from time to time

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