Tech designs with women in mind

Technology has long been considered as a man’s world. However, the launch of ePad Femme, a tablet that was designed specifically for women brought out the cold fact: a gadget is not feminine just because it is painted pink. Femininity is more than colour, and transcends the thoughts of functionality, beauty and performance. These aspects are what make a device to be perceived positively or negatively by women.

Women value relationships, connectedness, self image, ease of use and the consideration for others. This means that a powerful TV set with great energy savings, widescreen display and clarity may not be considered as good enough if it does not fit into the space allocated in a wall unit or cannot be held by the TV stand. Moreover, if the woman has to struggle with wires cluttering all over, needs to discover how it is operated, it may not be considered as good enough.

With this in mind, companies have tried to consider the feminine perspectives in designing the functionality of devices. This has been out of the realization that women are increasingly becoming the major decision makers in homes and have higher purchasing power. Some of the recent considerations include:

  • The design of TVs that have inbuilt DVD player, making it look both stylish, organized and easy to use
  • The creation of automatic focus on phone cameras at an arm length to make it easier to have selfies with others
  • The design of speakers to take the form of flower vases, books and artefacts to make them more appealing
  • The design of smartwatches that not only show time, but also help in weight management and which connect to social media.

Designing with women in mind, therefore means that the devices go beyond what the market has to offer, to include the feminine taste. These tastes may not apply to all women, but they are generally appealing to them. Moreover, companies that have discovered this secret have begun reaping from increased sales and profitability.

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