Built-to-last technology

In the past, competition between technology companies was based on pricing and the superiority of the brand image. Today, competition appears to have shifted its basis of the innovative capacity of companies. Companies that are able to release more superior products into the market are increasingly becoming more popular and taking the market share that was traditionally owned by the two giant mobile phone companies: Apple and Samsung.

With time to time product releases, one question that needs to be asked is: are these products built to last? If yes, then who is targeted in the new product releases? Why can’t companies release products built with technology for tomorrow?

New technologies are by all means welcome. They not only reflect the innovativeness of the companies, but also their ability to adapt to the changing consumer preferences. Moreover, new releases come with greater efficiency, performance and style. However, the release of new products ought not to impact on the life cycle of the older products.

A trend has been witnessed where companies essentially design products with shorter life cycles, necessitating the consumer to replace the product with a new and stylish one after a period of time. A few years following the replacement, even more stylish products are released, making the replacement almost obsolete.

While the word ‘stylish’ is appealing, the advantage is not to the consumer but to the manufacturer. Shorter life cycles of products and rapid new product releases appear to be the manufacturers’ way of increasing revenue and the movement of their products. The evidence is in the slight variation of the new products, and the shorter periods between product releases.

There is a need to consider more than style: the stability of the brand. It is time to consider the security of knowing that one device will remain stylish for much longer. It is time to consider brands that are built with the technology of tomorrow. Built to last.

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